Monday, April 8, 2013

Calibrating for ... *ahem* ... age

One thing I can definitely say I have noticed as I have started to ramp up in this training program:  things don't respond the same way they used to!  I'm 45 now, which ain't old (or at least you'll never get me to admit it), but I'm definitely *not* 25.

The biggest difference?  How long it takes for the soreness to show up.

Used to be pretty simple.  I'd go out and train long, or hard, or in a different way.  The next day I'd be sore, and I'd say "yep, this is from yesterday."

Now the time lag is more like 2 days, which has taken some getting used to.  Say I do a big mountain run on Saturday.  Sunday I still feel fine, so I think "great, my condition must be pretty good."  Monday morning it's a struggle to get down the stairs, and I'm all confused because I didn't do anything *yesterday* that should have made me sore.

But I'm getting used to it, and I'm training myself to look back more than a day in my training log when something hurts.  This helps everything make a lot more sense. 

There's also a positive spin to this, which I'm gonna keep repeating in hopes I will eventually believe it.  :)  I can now OUTRUN PAIN!!  Look at it this way... it takes 48 hours, or at least a good full 36 hours, for the soreness from a hard run to show up.  OK ... the 100-miler I'm doing has a 36-hour cutoff.  Do the math.  This means that I will finish before I get sore. 

It's magic.  I'm now old enough that I can outrun pain.  Yeah!

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