Monday, March 11, 2013

Game on, it would seem

You'd be tempted to think it's game on because I went for my first long run of the year.  (My definition of "long run" is anything over 90 minutes, for now). 

I knocked down 2 solid hours in some glorious late-winter Colorado Front Range sunshine.  Mileage?  I dunno... I've been in the habit of training by the clock for several years now, and haven't got in the habit of carrying a GPS.  Strava?  Not me; maybe someday.  Yeah, I could figure it out online.  If I needed the info, I could get dig it up.  Measuring training volume in hours works dandy for me.

I got suckered by the sunshine, though.  Didn't take long to figure out the temp was actually in the upper 40s, once I was out there in my shorts and an old BolderBoulder t-shirt.  My hands got good and chilly, but it wasn't too bad.  I had the motor good and warmed up, and the rest of me felt fine.

The biggest thing for me now is to ease into the training volume.  It's sooooo tempting to dive in and overdo it.  Heck, jumping from a training base of several lunch-hour runs to a solid 2-hour go isn't exactly a by-the-book rampup.  I'll be listening carefully to the knees and ankles as I go along, and certainly won't be stretching my long run beyond the 2 hour mark for another couple of weeks at least.

My intent is that my workweek running won't be all that distinguishable from a typical 10k plan volume-wise, and on the slow side.  The real key will be the weekend 'runs' which will progress into epic territory by summertime.  Planning on lots of trail miles, with an emphasis on interesting projects like multi-summit linkups and such, and really not stressing over the actual running.  Just looking for lots of hours on foot, at altitude, gaining and dropping big elevation.  I'll be working in occasionally 'mountain duathlons' as well (approach by bike), so that I can get a half-day's load on heart, lungs, and gut, without a half-day's abuse on my joints.

But all that's just ruminating about what I think I'll be doing as summer approaches.  Here's the real story:  this is why it's really game on... 

I'm all-in now because I just ordered some SpeedGoatKarl's 100 Mile Blend!!!

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