Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Perspective -- yeah, that's important

I got to thinking today... yeah, it's crazy that I'm planning on 'running' a 100-mile race.  Sort of.  I mean, it's new for me, and it will be really really (really) hard and all that, but it's possible.  People do it.

Here's what's really crazy:  that I have the luxury of doing it at all.  I have the health, the resources, the opportunity.  I can worry about training periodization, and getting enough good sleep, and whether I need one new pair of shoes or two, and make all kinds of choices with my nutrition. 

All that would be so utterly foreign to the majority of people on this planet.

I'm still going to do this thing, but really ... who cares?  Is there any actual value in me having an incredible experience that stretches me in every way, and probably crushes my prior perspectives on my personal limits? 

I hope so.  I'm going to find out.

By the grace of God, I'll continue to experience the statistically rare privileges of staying healthy, training well, spending gobs of quality time in the mountains, and truly appreciating the people around me who participate, support, question, and ask me if I'm off my rocker.

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