Thursday, March 7, 2013

So many firsts (sort of)

It's official, I've put my money where my mouth is.  I've registered for my first Ultramarathon.  September 2013 I'll be "running" 100-and-change miles through the stunning backcountry around Steamboat, CO in the Run Rabbit Run trail ultra.  My first!  Sort of...

However ... if the definition of Ultramarathon is "anything longer than a Marathon" then it's arguably not my first.  I paced the last 30 miles of the Run Rabbit Run last year, with good buddy and fellow West Longmont Soccer Dad.  I did the Aspen Backcountry "Marathon" last year, which was painfully longer than 26.2 miles.  I've done the Pike's Peak Marathon, which ain't like any other Marathon.  But.

But all that is a bundle of useless technicalities.  This is the real deal.  100 miles is far far beyond anything I've done before.  Who knows what I'll find out there?  That's kind of the point.

So what am I up to here?

I thought it would be kind of fun to track my adventures and misadventures over the next few months as I get ready for this thing.  I'll be sharing a little bit of what I learn along the way: 
  • what gear I settle on
  • what nutrition seems to work for me
  • interesting, embarrassing, or just plain dumb experiences
  • and an occasional useless opinion or two.  
Wait ... everything I just listed will be opinion.  You get it.  This is a blog.  My blog.  Don't get your hopes up too much.

Have I gone soft in the head?  No this is not a mid-life crisis.  Honestly, I think it's less disturbing that I'm going to try to hoof it 100 miles in one push, than that I've decided to BLOG about it.  Really?  I'm the guy who's been chronically underwhelmed by the internet in general ever since Al Gore invented it.  Which is funny, because my entire career has been in software.  I like the internet.  I use it every day.  But if it went away tomorrow would my quality of life go away?  Nope.  I'd write more paper checks, get away with leaving things to the last minute a lot less ... and I'd probably go buy some USPS stock.  If there was any.

Anyway, I'm just laying things out there as a starting point.  If you are stubborn enough to follow this blog long enough that you come to a point where you say "Eric, you just don't make sense"... well, you can't say you weren't warned.

So raise a glass to the start of ... something.  I'm going to have some fun along the way.  Stay tuned, maybe you will too. 


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